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AG Window Cleaning use a High Reach Pure Water Fed Pole Cleaning System

We use water fed poles and brushes, the benefits of this method are…

  • This window cleaning method cleans your windows, sills, frames to a spot free finish without the use of detergents.
  • Because the water is pure it is left to dry smear free.
  • Telescopic poles means we work from the safety of the ground.
  • Eliminates the use of ladders for your privacy.
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease.
  • No detergent residue which means that windows stay cleaner for a longer period.

What is 'Pure Water'?

Pure water is water that has been treated to remove any dissolved solid particles. Tap water has these contaminates which means if you wash windows with tap water you leave spots, marks and smears. Pure water leaves no residue on your windows.

Water fed pole pure water cleaning.

Your windows, frames and sills are cleaned by a specially designed brush head, not a normal brush head but one specifically designed with soft bristles to be kind and gentle to your windows. A 100 meter hose is connected to the pole from the van, a pump within the van is used to transport the pure water from the water tank, through the hose to the pole.

The pole brush fibres gently clean your windows and after the dirt has been removed the frames, windows and sills are gently rinsed off with several small jets in the brush head. After cleaning your windows and brushing away any excess water on the sills the windows are left to dry naturally. By doing so, it eliminates the chance of introducing any contaminates, as long as the windows have been thoroughly rinsed and the dirt washed away your windows will dry to a sparkling finish.

Residential Properties

We will come to your home and clean your windows, frames and sills to a very high standard, we leave no mess and no evidence we were there… apart from your smear free clean windows.

Window Cleaner in Shrewsbury, image of AG Window Cleaning - Residential window cleaning

Commercial Properties

We have many commercial contracts and use our same system to clean your windows inside as well as out if you wish. We are Alcumus Safe Contractor accredited, conduct risk assessments of the property before work is undertaken, use safety cones and wear hi-vis jackets on site.

Window Cleaner in Shrewsbury, image of AG Window Cleaning - Commercial Office

Maintenance cleans

A maintenance clean involves a first more time consuming initial clean and then a periodic return visit to keep your windows, sills and frames sparkling year round. We charge a little more for this first clean then return monthly or every other month. Our customers also ask us for a periodic and maintenance clean of their guttering, solar panels and conservatory roof’s to name a few.

AG Window Cleaning Rain Guarantee

We work year round through all four seasons. Rain? No problem, we can still come out and clean your windows even if there is a light drizzle or if rain is forecast. This is because the rain will not make your windows dirty, rain water is in fact practically pure, the same pure water we are using to clean your windows! We offer our customers a 100% rain guarantee, if the rain makes your windows dirty straight after our visit we will come back and clean them again for free.

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