AG Window Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of window cleaning services from exterior to interior cleaning on both domestic and commercial properties. To one off conservatory roof, car port roof, fascia and gutter cleaning. We also offer a gutter emptying service. The range of services we offer are detailed below…

High Level Cleaning

We use water fed telescopic poles and brushes to clean your windows from the safety of the ground which means we can clean your windows quicker and more safely and can gain access to those hard to reach areas.

AG Window Cleaning - High reaching water fed pole services

Traditional methods

We use the old traditional methods to clean your inside windows and also certain types of older windows.

AG Window Cleaning - Traditional internal window cleaning services
AG Window Cleaning - windows before

Windows, frames and sills

With our waterfed pole system we not only clean your windows, but also the frames and the window sills.

This is the before picture…

Windows, frames and sills

And this is the after picture…

AG Window Cleaning - windows after
AG Window Cleaning - Conservatory roof - before picture

Conservatory roof cleaning

Additional services we offer are deep cleaning of conservatory roofs, our thorough and detailed attention to detail is second to none.

A conservatory roof before….

Conservatory roof cleaning

And this is the roof after picture…

AG Window Cleaning - Conservatory roof - after picture
AG Window Cleaning - Car Port Roof Before picture

Car port roof cleaning

We can clean your car port roofing, we use a non-caustic cleaner, especially designed  to remove algae, moss, grease and grime on our conservatory and car port roofing jobs.

A car port roof before AG Window Cleaning arrives…

Car port roof cleaning

And this is the roof after picture…

AG Window Cleaning - Car Port Roof After picture
AG Window Cleaning - Gutter/Fascia before picture

Gutter, fascia and soffit cleaning

Periodic cleaning of your guttering and fascia can make them sparkle and look like new again.

Guttering before AG Window Cleaning arrives…

Gutter, fascia and soffit cleaning

The guttering after we have left.

AG Window Cleaning - Gutter/Fascia after picture

Gutter emptying/clearing

AG Window Cleaning - Gutter emptying-clearing services

Our gutter vac in action

We have specialist equipment designed to empty and clear your gutters.

We use of a large 3000 watt gutter vacuum from the safety of the ground.

AG Window Cleaning - Gutters before picture

Gutters before

A birds eye view of the guttering before we start.

Full of leaves, moss and dirt.

AG Window Cleaning - Gutters after picture

Gutters after

All the leaves, moss and dirt have now been removed, sucked into the vacuum container.

Check out our video below of our vacuum in action!

Solar panel cleaning

We also specialise in the cleaning of solar panels on both residential and commercial properties. Here are some before and after pictures of a solar panel farm we clean.

AG Window Cleaning - Solar panel cleaning - before picture

Solar panels - before

Periodic cleaning of your solar panels will make them more energy efficient. We use no chemicals, just pure water.

Solar panels - after

Solar panels now the build up of dirt, grim and bird faeces has been cleaned away.

AG Window Cleaning - Solar panel cleaning - after picture

Commercial window cleaning

AG Window Cleaning - Commercial office cleaning services

Commercial office

We clean a number of commercial properties including, offices, shops, schools and army barracks.

AG Window Cleaning - Internal Commercial office cleaning services

Internal office

As well as the external office windows we are geared up to clean your internal windows using our traditional methods.

High reach and wash system, we are able to get those hard to reach windows services

Reach and wash

Using our telescopic poles we can easily reach up to 40 feet. Those awkward to get windows? No problem!

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